Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are becoming essential to the work of public relations professionals. Oriella’s annual survey of journalists revealed in 2012 that 62% of U.S. reporters seek out trusted sources on social media sites and reputable blogs for news tips and story ideas.

It has even happened to people we know. A journalist approached a friend on Facebook after she posted a first-person account of an accident she witnessed.

Here are some tips to help businesses attract the notice of journalists and editors using social media:

  1. Complete your online profile for each social media site. Describe who you are and why you’re an expert source of information.
  2. If you want to be quoted as an expert or business professional, keep your social media profile, comments and shares focused on business or your subject matter field.
  3. Update your social media profiles frequently so journalists can see that you’re an active user and are likely to respond to them.
  4. Comment on online news stories that pertain to your area of expertise, or have been authored by a journalist you’re hoping to pitch. Comment using your real name and briefly describe why your opinion or comments are authoritative and/or offer a unique (and newsworthy) perspective.
  5. Follow local and industry journalists on Twitter. Use appropriate hashtags to comment on tending stories and link back to your own content (blog posts, press releases, Facebook posts, etc.)

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Public Relations consultant Kathleen Hanover has been attracting media coverage with high-impact press releases and public relations campaigns for nearly 27 years. Her public relations work has earned coverage in local, regional, national and international newspapers, magazines, on television, radio, and online, including placements in top-tier publications including Popular Science, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Times, Associated Press, and many, many more.

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