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Press Release Writing | FreelancePR.com | News Release Writing and DistributionMost journalists and editors still rely on the press release to get ideas for stories. And even in the 21st century, the news release is a critical component of your public relations toolbox.

But if you aren’t a public relations expert yourself, you may not be confident in your press release writing skills.

FreelancePR.com’s squad of expert public relations consultants can help you write a press release that conforms to Associated Press style guidelines, is publication-ready, and presents your news in the most editor-friendly light.

If you have the news, we have the press release writing know-how to help you share your news with your target audience, and help you get the media coverage, publicity, and name recognition you deserve.

But what if you don’t have any news? No worries. Ask about our consulting services. We can help uncover newsworthy stories (or even create them!)

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