An equity crowdfunding project posted by caregiving app developer Care Monster, Inc. has trended for a second week on Fundable.com. The company’s CareMonster mobile app has been adopted by dozens of care facilities in Ohio, Kentucky and Texas.

Caregiving application startup company Care Monster, Inc. has been listed as a “Trending” and “New and Notable” equity fundraise project on the crowdfunding site Fundable.com for the second straight week. Fundable is a business crowdfunding platform that enables start-ups to raise capital from accredited investors, customers, and friends. Care Monster recently completed its seed phase of funding and is seeking $750,000 in start-up capital to expand its workforce and finalize development of the next generation of its caregiving application.

“We’re grateful to the staff at Fundable for helping us present our mission and business plan in such a professional way, and for the exposure we’ve earned as a trending project,” said Michael Eidsaune, Care Monster’s CEO and co-founder. “Our first investors were also some of our first customers. The value of our caregiver support app was immediately apparent to them, as members of the long-term-care community. The fact that we’re receiving such interest from among accredited investors beyond the healthcare field means they recognize the value and potential of our brand. It’s extremely gratifying after three years of hard work.”

The CareMonster® App for Android and Apple iOS devices helps family caregivers coordinate their schedules, visits, and caregiving tasks among themselves to improve the quality of care they deliver to their loved one, either at home or in a long-term-care setting. Although the app is designed for family members, Care Monster’s business model is built around a subscription-supported, co-branded version of the app that is offered to families by care companies. The app is always free for family members to use.

One of Care Monster’s first investors, Dr. Robert Banasik, was attracted to the CareMonster App as a way to improve the experience for residents of four nursing homes and an independent living complex operated by his company. “We are delighted to have family involvement with our residents,” noted Dr. Banasik. “We are committed to providing as many ways as possible to have family and friends keep close ties with their loved ones. The CareMonster app is a uniquely positive way to keep all involved. This is particularly true of people who are more remote from the facility. We know through our experience that the more a family visits and sees their loved ones the better the result for all concerned.”

Eidsaune responded, “Dr. Banasik’s leadership at Sanctuary Senior Living has lead to their recognition by U.S. News & World Reports, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and others as some of the best assisted living facilities in the U.S. It’s an honor for Sanctuary to offer the CareMonster App to their residents’ carers, and an even bigger honor that Dr. Banasik is such a believer in our product and company.”

Care Monster, Inc. is part of the prestigious Aging2.0 Academy Startup Incubator Program in San Francisco, and in March received the “Design for All” Award presented by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) at the Impact Pediatric Health Competition, part of SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas.

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About Fundable.com

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Fundable.com is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for raising business capital. Since its launch in 2012, over $189 million in funding commitments have been raised on the platform. Fundraising campaigns may reward funders—which may include accredited investors, friends and family—with either goods and services or with equity in exchange for their support. The company was launched by a team of successful entrepreneurs experienced in connecting businesses with investors.

About Care Monster, Inc.

Founded in 2013 by Dayton, Ohio residents Michael Eidsaune and his father-in-law, Care Monster is a technology startup whose mission is to enhance the care experience in long-term-care facilities like nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living, hospices, childrens’ hospitals and adult day care centers by providing family caregivers with transformative tools and resources via an easy-to-use application for Android and Apple iOS devices.

About the CareMonster® App

The CareMonster App for iOS and Android platforms enhances the caregiving experience by helping families coordinate communication, encourages engagement between family members and care facilities, and supports families with caregiving resources as they coordinate the care of an ailing loved one. The app was inspired by a Dayton, Ohio family’s struggles to take care of their 93-year-old great-grandmother after she moved to a memory care facility.


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