The actor, better known for his intellectual performances and musical talent, focuses on the physical in a stunt-heavy performance.

 (Los Angeles) Italian actor Gianlorenzo Albertini, cast in a supporting role, “Lin,” in the upcoming feature film “Bloody Hands,” relied on his boxing experience to help create his role as a fighter in an underground fight club. A former professional middleweight boxer in his native Italy, Albertini also called on his stunt training to help the audience feel each jab.
“Bloody Hands”—directed and produced by Jaden Hwang with a screenplay by George McGrath—stars Klement Tinaj as Leo Rossmore, a former fighter searching for his missing wife in the black-market world of unsanctioned street fighting. The film also features “Straight Outta Compton” star Orlando Brown as Detective Brown. Albertini plays a supporting role in a violent scene that takes place in the fight club where Rossmore is looking for leads in the disappearance of his wife, another detective assigned to investigate several unsavory underworld figures associated with the club.Albertini earned both an acting credit and a stunt credit for the film. He and a fellow actor, Leandro Simozza, created all the fight sequences (including a brawl between their two characters, “Lin” and “Alex”) with the supervision of a stunt coordinator. Says Albertini, “Simozza was great to work with in the underground fighting club scene as well as other few scenes pivotal to the story.” The actor continues, “Simozza was very prepared and always willing to discover new acting beats within the scene. That made us a great team of highly skilled stunt performers while still allowing us to be ‘in the moment,’ making us aware of the nuances and the little details that make up a great performance.”

Albertini’s experience as a professional boxer added a level of realism that had a surprising impact on his fellow performers. “During the fighting scene in the production studios,” the actor recounts, “I noticed that the crowd—both fighters and spectators—were entirely into the scene. Everyone was so exited, and so full of adrenaline, it was as if they were watching a real fight. As an actor I find that amazing—you can really feed off the energy in the room, and use it in your performance.”

Currently in post-production, the action thriller “Bloody Hands” is scheduled for release in December of 2016. The film is a production of EyeLess Studio Hollywood, Mind!Control Entertainment and Visionary Eye Entertainment.

About Gianlorenzo Albertini
Italian-American actor Gianlorenzo Albertini, 25, is native of Naples, Italy. He has film and theatre acting credits in both the United States and Italy, including his own short film, “Immortality In Blue,” in which he portrays legendary painter Pablo Picasso during the artist’s “Blue Period.” In addition to his work as an actor, Albertini is an abstract painter, composer, and Conservatory-trained classical guitar player.


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