A new ergonomic snow shovel by Phoenix-based Bosse Tools has been featured in February, 2014 issue of Popular Science Magazine as one of 10 gadgets that are “just better,” before it has even hit store shelves.

An ergonomic snow shovel from Bosse Tools is #3 on a list of the 10 best things in the February, 2014 issue of Popular Science Magazine. 

The shovel, which currently retails for $79, features a patent-pending center grip that helps reduce shoulder, wrist and back strain. The snow shovel is part of a line of ergonomic lawn and garden tools created by Phoenix, Arizona resident Stephen Walden, 24.

Popular Science is among the top 60 most circulated magazines in the U.S. but Walden, founder and CEO, said he had no clue the article was going to be published. “I was actually surprised to get a phone call from a friend who saw my snow shovel in Popular Science. The editors never contacted us directly, so we didn’t know our product was going to be featured. It was quite the shock and definitely an honor.”

“Popular Science is just the latest publication to cover our shovels,” says Walden. Editors at Fast Company Design, Hobby Farms magazine, and even the Do It Yourself Network have also expressed great interest in these innovative shovels, which is remarkable, because we’re still in the final stages of prototyping. We plan to have to first run of products in our hands in the next few weeks.” The startup company plans to manufacture the shovels in Arizona, and is already in discussion with various nation-wide retailers that may be interested in selling the Bosse Tools line of shovels. The company currently operates out of Arizona State University’s entrepreneurship program at their SkySong facility in Scottsdale.

Bosse Tools was born out of a school project at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where Walden was an undergraduate in the school’s entrepreneurship program. A few days of backbreaking yard work with a standard spade inspired Walden to re-engineer a shovel with an adjustable center handle. He took his ideas to business model and elevator pitch competitions at Loyola, and his success at those events inspired him to launch a $64,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund production of his ergonomic shovels. What began as a simple innovation for a spade shovel has turned into a line of products featuring flat head shovels, snow shovels, and other similar tools.

Popular Science editors aren’t the only people who are obsessed by the innovative center-grip shovels. A Southern California farmer, Will Terry, tested an early prototype of the Bosse Tools spade. “What I really like about this [Bosse Tools ergonomic shovel] is whether you’re doing it right or left handed it’s fully adjustable, and allows you to get the right angle on the shovel to reduce fatigue on your back,” said Terry.

Walden says, “It’s amazing to think that we have innovated one of the most archaic tools in the history of mankind.”

About Bosse Tools
Bosse Tools is an ergonomic hardware tool company that was founded to revolutionize traditional construction, gardening, and farming tools. Bosse Tools products maximize productivity and diminish strain on the back, arms, and wrists – increasing output and reducing injury. Bosse Tools proudly makes all of their tools in the United States.


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