Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse features actress Tania Serrano in the the trailer and poster for the web series, which was released on the social media site VFiles.com.

With her runway looks and girl-next-door appeal, Swiss-born Spanish actress Tania Serrano is accustomed to being cast as an ingenue. She enjoyed playing a character who’s a lot less innocent — and perhaps more dangerous — in her first made-for-web series, Last Teenagers of the Apocalypse. She acted alongside the series’ creator and writer, Avan Jogia, in his role of “Bones,” one of Satan’s minions who has been put in charge of what’s left of the earth. She appears in the first two episodes of the four-part series.

Serrano was sought out for the role by Last Teenagers’ assistant director, Markel Goikoetxea. The two Spaniards worked together on the short films Camila and Aitxitxe, released in 2015. Serrano was featured as the title character, and Goikoetxea worked as the first assistant director on Camila, which was an official selection of the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner in 2016. Goikoetxea directed Serrano in Aitxitxe — also seen at Cannes — where she portrayed a witch. Goikoetxea noted, “As soon as I knew the profile of the three henchmen of the bad guy that we needed, Tania came to my mind. I knew that her chameleonic acting would fit perfectly, and so it did.”

In her role as one of Bones’ two Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Serrano’s costuming and makeup was “definitely post-apocalyptic, reminiscent of Suicide Squad” which helped her in the part. “I really enjoyed playing an evil person for a change!” said Serrano, a resident of Los Angeles.

“To adjust to this over-the-top acting style…with the makeup and the wardrobe, you don’t feel like your normal self,” the actress explains. “And when you see yourself in the mirror, you realize, ‘Tania is gone.’ It always helps me a lot to get into character. To see myself as a different person. Like when a kid is dressed up as a princess or a superhero, and you see them totally invested in that part. It allowed me to just have fun and play, and not all roles are like that.”

The actual shoot — from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. on a cold night in downtown Los Angeles — was a bit of a challenge for the actress, thanks to a wardrobe that consisted of “a bra, and not much else,” says Serrano. “But as an actress, you have to adapt to whatever the conditions are, and approach every set with a professional attitude, and just get the job done.”

Serrano was pleased to discover that her scene is featured in the the trailer and poster for the web series, which was released on VFiles, a social media platform platform focused on fashion and style.

About Tania Serrano
Born in Switzerland and raised in Spain, Tania Serrano was invited to join the “Punto y Aparte” Theater company in Madrid at the age of thirteen. She performed in a number of stage productions and was eventually awarded First Prize in the third annual Interpretation Festival for live theater in Nuevo Baztán for her performance in “Thanks Grandma” by Sebastián Junyent. After earning her bachelor’s degree in film in the United States, she returned to Madrid to finish her Masters in acting for film at the prestigious “Central De Cine” under the Direction of Eva Lesmes, where she received coaching and instruction from Maria Ripoll among many others. In addition to her theater work, Serrano’s acting credits include roles in several short films, television appearances and the feature film Ted 2.

About VFiles
New-York-based VFiles is a social and media platform originally created for the fashion community. Users curate existing content, or add their own to create VFiles—online folders where they can compile images and video files about the topics that interest them. The platform has also launched several original video series, including Model Files, TMI, In Real Life, Xtreme Fashion Week and VFiles Status Update.

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