Your complete satisfaction is our goal. We will do our best, working within your budget, to create the best possible results for you, and complete our Scope of Work to the best of our ability.

We perform public relations, SEO and marketing services based on industry best practices as we understand them at the time. However, best practices are constantly changing, and strategies and tactics that have worked in the past may not work as well, or work at all, in the future. We have no way of knowing how well our public relations or SEO work product or advice will perform for you. You are advised to do your own due diligence in evaluating our products, services and information prior to working with us.

Public relations and search engine optimization results are based on many factors, including but not limited to current events, competing news stories, current economic conditions, changing legislation, industry trends, efforts by your competitors, technology failure, human error, changes in search engine algorithms and ranking evaluations. These, and other factors, may be beyond our control and your control. Your level of expertise, your business practices, your reputation, your resources, your ability to appropriately and professionally execute the tactics and/or strategies we recommend and many other factors may impact your results.

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