Benjamin Brickweg aims to disrupt a transaction-oriented business brokerage industry he calls “dominated by passive middlemen that smell of ‘commission breath.’”

Benjamin Brickweg, a Denver-area mergers and acquisitions advisor who specializes in guiding Main Street and Middle Market businesses through transitions and crises, has announced his acquisition of Mountain States Business Brokers (MSBBA), a business brokerage based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

After an extensive rebranding effort that has been nearly a year in the making, the company has relaunched as the Scout & Spur Group (http://www.scoutspur.com). The firm has moved its headquarters to Broomfield, and maintains outposts in Aspen, Fort Collins, Loveland, Steamboat Springs and Summit County, Colorado. MSBBA founder Ben Mahrle retains an ownership role in the new Scout & Spur Group and continues to serve clients in northern Colorado.

Brickweg, a self-described “recovering attorney,” created Scout & Spur to disrupt an old-fangled, transaction-oriented business brokerage industry he calls “technologically backwards” and “dominated by passive middlemen that smell of ‘commission breath.'” Having successfully guided business owners and buyers through over 250 transitions, Brickweg declares, “Our industry needs a shake-up. I’ve realized many business owners don’t even know what a business broker is, and the ones who do, might cross the street to avoid one. So whatever you do, don’t call us ‘business brokers,'” he chuckles.

Even the name is meant to be disruptive. With a name like Scout & Spur, “no one will mistake us for traditional business brokers or commercial real estate agents,” Brickweg explains. “The new brand reflects both our Western values and our willingness to ‘cowboy up’ and scout a path to outcomes that old-school brokers just aren’t able to find.”

Brickweg elaborates, “Most conventional business brokers are content to sign a listing agreement, toss your company’s profile up online, and just wait for a buyer to meander along. With the speed of business today, that’s not gonna cut the mustard. When you hire us to sell your business, we get to know you, to make sure you’re ready, both financially and emotionally, for the transition. Then we research your industry, pro-actively scout out and personally contact potential buyers who may not even have considered buying a company as a path to growth.”

The acquisition and rebranding effort was spurred by Brickweg’s experience in the legal and business brokerage professions. Brickweg says Scout & Spur looks at the sale of a business as a transition process—one that could last years—not merely a single event.

“We create value for our clients at every step on their path,” he says. “That could mean anything from exit planning to a long-term strategy to lower expenses or raise valuation,” Brickweg continues. “It’s much closer to a concierge service, personally tailored for each client. That’s why our team includes people with CPA experience, financial planning experience, and legal experience along with deal experience.”

MSBBA founder Ben Mahrle adds, “My purpose in life is to help other people reach their goals. I look at what’s best for the client, instead of chasing commissions, and that’s what made this deal such a good fit with Ben Brickweg. We share the same philosophy.”

About Scout & Spur
Scout & Spur is building a team whose focus will be on creating long-term, advisory relationships with clients. “If you have a $20 million company, it could take several years to prepare for a sale,” Brickweg says. “Our folks are people you’d actually want to work with for that length of time. Yes, we’re experienced, trail-blazing professionals, but we’re also the kind of people you’d want to sit around a campfire or go fly fishing with.”


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