Cyber Monday SEO Press Release Discounts

“Kathleen has just landed us on the first page of Google News, in the very first position, with a cleverly positioned news release that leverages a trending news story. Nearly 1,400 new readers have been exposed to my company and our products in just the first 48 hours since the release was published. That’s just what we know of. I suspect the real number is higher. And the press release Kathleen wrote will help us with our SEO ongoing.” — David Shade

SEO press releases give you a great bang for your public relations buck. Our releases can help you earn media coverage in the short term, and search engine rankings in the long term. At FreelancePR.com, we start with an expertly-crafted traditional press release, then we add the top 3 keyword phrases you supply to create a news release that search engines can love.

And this week only, in honor of Cyber Monday, you get FREE online distribution to Google News at no additional charge! The more SEO press releases you buy, the more you can save.

What can you do with an SEO Press Release?

  • Create high-quality “Google Friendly” backlinks
  • Generate more traffic to your site
  • Take advantage of trending news topics
  • Position yourself, your products or your company
  • Earn free media coverage with a newsworthy release
  • Syndicate your content with RSS feeds
  • Reach out to bloggers in your niche

The more releases you order, the more you save.

Cyber Monday Savings

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Terms and Conditions of the Cyber Monday 2014 Special Offer
Limit of 12 press releases per individual or organization at discounted price. You may include up to 3 URLs in your release. No adult or controversial subject matter or links. Turnaround time is up to 15 business days after receipt of all required background information for each release. One free revision is included. You are required to proofread and approve every release prior to distribution. Distribution will be through a press release service that distributes to Google News. Releases must meet the distribution service’s guidelines for quality (no spammy releases or articles.) Releases will be distributed under FreelancePR.com’s name using your contact information with a credit link at the bottom of each release. Releases will be distributed at a maximum of two per month per purchase (e.g., if you purchase six releases, they will be distributed over a minimum of three months.)

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