What Your Media Kit Should Include

Great! You've decided to write a media kit. But what exactly is a media kit? And what should go in it? A media kit is simply a resource that makes it simple for a journalist to quickly, easily and accurately tell your story. A basic media kit may include your most...
SEO press release writing can still attract local medial.

SEO press releases for local media: always a good idea!

When you're trying to get the local media to cover your special event, search engine optimization is probably the last thing on your mind. But chances are, your press release will be posted somewhere on the Internet (preferably on your own website), so it makes sense...
bowling a public relations strike

PR Win: Essay Contest Winner’s Perseverance Inspires Media Coverage

From announcing the launch of the contest to revealing the winners, an essay contest offers several public relations opportunities. When we developed the concept of a sportsmanship essay contest to help raise the profile of our client New York Sports Connection...

5 ways to create news out of thin air

You know you can’t spam your journalist and editor contacts with a content-free news release, or like the boy who cried “wolf,” your “real” news may be ignored in future. So what can you do, when you have to crank out a release, in the absence of anything new to report?

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How to Write SEO Press Releases

Want to write an SEO press release the search engines will love? First, make sure your readers will love it, too. No, Virginia, the press release is not dead, despite Web 2.0 reports to the contrary. The venerable press release is the most common vehicle for sharing...

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