SEO & PR Infographic: Press releases with the best of both worlds

SEO Press Releas eInfographic courtesy FreelancePR.com

SEO Press Release Infographic courtesy FreelancePR.com

What’s the best way to write a search engine optimized press release? Start with something newsworthy! At FreelancePR.com, we don’t believe in writing “search engine fodder.” All of our press releases feature newsworthy angles designed to appeal to journalists and editors. They’re written in compliance with the Associated Press Style Manual, so they’re ready to print.

Then, after we’ve created a newsworthy traditional press release, we edit it using the top three keywords provided by our client. We incorporate keywords into the body copy of the release at an approximate density of 1 to 3%. We also use our target keyword and/or related terms in the headline and page title—probably the two most important elements in terms of SEO. We also take the time to optimize images with a descriptive filename plus “alt” and “title” tags that incorporate target keywords.

Start with a great press release, incorporate smart SEO, and you’ll get the best of both worlds–a press release newsworthy enough to print verbatim, plus on-page optimization that appeals to search engines.


Public Relations consultant Kathleen Gee has over 23 years of experience in attracting media coverage (and now, search engine rankings) with high-impact press releases and public relations campaigns. Her media pitches have earned coverage in magazines, on television, radio, and online, plus media placements in top-tier newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Times.

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